09 December 2013

Inaugural Blogural: Welcome Aboard!

Me and my dad Bob at the Pantheon, Rome (June 2013)

Hello, and welcome to my blog! 

(By which I mean, thank you friends and family members for stopping by and being supportive today!) Anyway, it's 1am in the midst of exam week and I should absolutely be studying or sleeping, however while watching West Wing reruns, I was hit by a brilliant idea- I SHOULD START A TRAVEL BLOG. So here we are.
Nice, France (May 2013)
And who am I exactly? Well, I'm Meggy- an adventurous scholar, an avid reader, an intrepid explorer, a cuisine connoisseur...basically I'm a wanderlust-crazed college student biding my time until my next big adventure. Travel is my passion, food is my life, Harry Potter was my childhood. And this is my blog- where I shall share my adventures and experiences and aspirations and we can all talk about it together. So, why did I decide to start this blog? Well, in spite of my spontaneous decision to launch myself headfirst into the blogging world, I've been thinking about the idea for some time now, for a number of reasons, including:

Pont de l'Archevêché, Paris, France (May 2013)
1. Because I absolutely LOVE traveling (obviously) and I LOVE talking about all things travel-related. (And, this propensity to discuss travel ad nauseam has at times strained my personal relationships. For example, my dad Bob doesn't care for me interrupting his work to discuss the fjords of Norway. Luckily you're here voluntarily, so this works out perfectly for all of us.)

2. To bide my time between larger, grander adventures. Not only will I regale you with stories of distant lands, I will also check out the local scene and tell you about that too. I, as I am sure happens to others driven mad by wanderlust yet confined to one place for long periods of time, sometimes overlook the little adventures one can have close to home. I love to hate my hometown, Buffalo NY, but there are hidden gems here too. Trust me, it's not all beer and snow and chicken wings and losing sports teams (although there certainly is plenty of that to go around.) 

Glorious Florence, or in Italiano- Firenze (June 2013)
3. To quote a line from an Oscar Wilde play, "I'm so full of interesting information, I feel like the latest edition of something or other." In my 21 years I've accumulated quite the wealth of riveting information which I am just DYING to share with any interested parties. 

4. And finally, the driving force behind this blog is because approximately 6 and a half months ago, I had a life-changing adventure which truly solidified my case of wanderlust and my undying, relentless passion for travel- and I will tell you all about it in the coming weeks. 

So that's my story! I am beyond excited to jump into this next big adventure! Welcome aboard! 

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